SkyLet™ is the brainchild of Flambard Williams and has been developed from our success of letting properties using platforms such as Airbnb, Homeaway.

Leading the way

What would you say to earning 15-20% a year on your property with fully flexible letting, all fully managed and run for you, and the ability to use the property for your own personal use. It sounds too good to be true!

 The concept is simple, we fully manage the lettings side of your property and market your buy-to-let to short term tenants who typically look to rent from 1 day to two weeks.SkyLet™ team assist clients to access the short term letting market, which is more lucrative than the traditional 12-month tenancy. With hotel prices increasing, tenants now want more for their money. Property owners can now double what they achieve with traditional lets.

Our Process

The SkyLet™ team like to keep things simple. Our aim is to help you access the short-term letting market and make the most of your property. Much like our lettings business, we can organise all aspects of the set-up, provide furnishing packages, and arrange for all of the necessary paperwork that you need to start renting.

We arrange for professional photographs to be taken and marketed on all our advertising platforms. As your property is fully managed by our SkyLet™ team, we obviously handle all bookings, enquiries and deal with the handover of keys and holding deposits should any damages occur. Between occupancy periods we arrange certified cleaners into the property where they change the linen and towels. There is simply nothing you need to do, we manage everything for you from start to finish.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage is simple, You make more money.

Firstly, the type of clients you gain are varied, from; family and friends exploring the area and sites of the city, to corporate professionals working or visiting the commercial community. In both instances, clients generally spend very little time at your property.

So, from a wear and tear perspective this type of client is perfect as they spend so little time at your property. In the more luxurious apartments, corporate clientele may need to visit a city for several weeks. Rather than stay in a hotel, they will always prefer the privacy and space that a large property offers, at a cost that is attractive. Typically, you are attracting a better class of tenant that respects other people’s property.

Typically, we see that the income received from this type of letting over a 90-day period will exceed that returned from a normal long term let. Add to this, special holidays and seasonal spikes, you can charge premium rates. There is also the loyalty gained through visitors enjoying your property, in many cases clients will not only come back, but they will book early to secure their stay.

We also focus on the location by concentrate on cities that hold a very vibrant holiday appeal, a healthy corporate letting scene and all-year-round visitors coming from around the world.




The real key to SkyLet™ is the location. There is no point in having the best apartment in the city but not being near transport, leisure facilities, shops and restaurants.We meticulously research every development we sell, as SkyLet™ will only take on properties that have been sold through our Flambard Williams investment team.

Personal support

From the moment you decide to let your property, our SkyLet™ team are working to make the process as seamless as possible. Providing you with personal support throughout the process, along with the relevant tools needed to ensure as little is required from you as possible, you can start the reap the benefits of this investment effortlessly.

Proof of Earnings

Proof of Earnings


Buy-to-Let Unit Purchased by Client for:


(through Flambard Williams, but can be from another agent too)


Started SkyLet/Renting in September and in 6 months has made:


Doubled, we can anticipate a yearly earning of:


£22,000 divided by the cost of the unit £160,000, he has made:



Standard Fees include (Transfer & Host Fee), FW Management Fee, Cleaning Fee