Weekly Housing Report – 07/08/2022

Weekly Housing Report – 07/08/22


Welcome to the Flambard Williams weekly housing report blog. Please find the latest information direct from Zoopla and see what is currently happening in the UK property market.


Sales applicant demand down from last week and month-on-month

Similarly to last week, demand has decreased by 3%, along with month-on-month being down by 4%.

Sales Inventory up 1% from last week and 3% monthly
Consistent and promising rise on sales inventory by 1% week-on-week and 3% month-on-month.

New inventory flow down 5% week-on-week and 10% month-on-month

Decrease of 5% from last week in flow of new inventory, resulting in the monthly average remaining consistently down by 10%.


New agreed sales down 6% from last week and down 4% month-on-month

Weekly average of new sales agreed down by 6%; whilst monthly average is down by 4%, 2% less than previous month.

Fall through levels fall by 0.1% from last week and month-on-month increases by 0.3%

Slight week-on-week decrease by 0.1% in fall throughs, bringing the monthly increase up by a promising 0.1%.

Asking price reductions up by 0.1% from last week and month-on-month

Very slight, yet promising, increase of 0.1% in asking price reductions both weekly and monthly.

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