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With the UK Priminster Boris Johnson dangling the carrot to us Brits with the uncertainty of lockdown restrictions being lifted in the near future, one thing we can rely on here in the UK is the property market.

The UK property market has really proven its strengths these past twelve months whilst other investment routes came to a halt. The property market continues to grow, even though the Bank of England predicted a drop of 30% it has done the complete opposite. The market is now breaking record prices, just showing the true reason why all successful investors have property in their portfolios as it offers stability and long term growth, fundamental in building wealth.

With the property market breaking record prices the main question I get asked as a broker is “is now the right time to invest?” I get this question all the time no matter what is on the news or in the papers. What you really need to look at is the areas you are looking to invest in, as this is key for any investment. You want to ensure you are investing in an area and a project which has great potential for future growth as this is important when getting as much as you possibly can from an investment over the long term.

flambard williams invest

One of my favourite developments at the moment is Fifty5ive. This development is in Manchester city centre and in an area which has huge growth potential.

fifty apartment development in manchester

Part of the city has not seen massive price increases as you would see in other areas like Deansgate which means you are entering at a lower price point, meaning more room for growth.

The developers of this opportunity have a proven track record of completing on time and even in some cases finishing before the completion dates. The construction work is all in-house, meaning the developers have full control. The finishings of the apartments are luxurious and high quality which is appealing to tenants and also great for the landlords from a cost perspective.

This opportunity is also adapting to the current times because of the change in people wanting extra space due to COVID-19 lockdowns and flexible working/working from home. The developers have accommodated this meaning that there is a lot of extra space and amenities for residents such as gyms, cinema rooms, roof terraces etc which ensure better occupancy rates.

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