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I’m sure most of us will agree that an investment in the property market is typically a long term goal. It wouldn’t make financial sense to purchase high and sell low.  So the question I often get asked is ”What area will generate the most capital appreciation with income on my investment?”…  I may sound biased but I wish I could say it’s London, unfortunately though that is not the case. Growth over the last 12 months in the capital is at 2.8% so that ship has well and truly sailed.

The reality is, the North-West is in a league of its own with respect to growth and ROI.  In terms of areas, the two clear winning cities are Manchester and Liverpool – with the growth here pushing at a healthy 10.7%.

As the saying goes, a goal without a plan is just a wish.  Whether it’s purely cash flow for financial freedom, supporting your children through university or setting up a retirement plan, it’s important to have a plan in place. I find it truly rewarding clearing the obscure pathway for my clients. The ability to source the best opportunities tailored to each individual whilst strategically meeting their end goal is very fulfilling.

With the bullish market that we’re in, It’s going to be an exciting year ahead and I’m looking forward to seeing my clients investments pay off!

Property of Choice

Property of choice – Fifty5ive

If I had to single out a property that ticks all the boxes from an investment level but also the most aesthetically pleasing, for me it would be Fifty5ive.

A vibrant and fast-paced community with Fifty5ive situated in the direct centre of Manchester – making this development perfect for a traditional let.

The location isn’t the only highlight. Considering where it is, the price really stands out for me. We can obtain prices here between 10-15% below market value compared to neighbouring developments meaning Fifty5ive will have some exponential capital growth over time.

For your tenants, it comes with all the luxuries like gyms, steam rooms, studios and even it’s own cinema room. View

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