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So it is around this time each month when we have one of our brokers write a brief report on them, the property market in general, and their favourite development.

However, this month I thought we would do something different. So often we are caught up in the thick of it that time passes us by. It is only when we have time to reflect, we can actually appreciate certain things that happen in our lives.

So after nearly 6 months of the year, I want to personally reach out to each member of the team here at Flambard Williams and thank them for all the effort and give you a little background on them and their efforts. Let’s start with the longest-running member of the team, Jack Percival.

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On the Road with Jack

Liverpool Buy to Let Investment Tour – Brunswick Place

The development in question is Brunswick Place. A BRAND NEW project in a fantastic location that also comes with a fully protected deposit.

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Manchester Property
  |  Liverpool Property


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