Weekly Housing Report – 14/03/2022

Welcome to the Flambard Williams weekly housing report blog. Please find the latest information direct from Zoopla and see what is currently happening in the UK property market.

Sales applicant demand 12% above March 2021 levels

Sales demand has fallen another 1% below 2021 levels YoY this week. Demand is falling from the highs of the first quarter of 2022 and is an impact of consumer confidence from the rise in living costs.

New sales agreed 27% above 5 year average

Sales agreed STC are currently sitting 27% aboove the 5 years averages with only 2021 reaching a higher number of sales.

Sales applicant demand moderates from record high levels

Demand has remained very strong in every region in the last 7 days with no real noticeable declines.

Traditional Lettings

Lettings Market

Lettings applicant demand 49% above 2021 levels

The demand has risen by another 1% in the applicant demand this week.

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