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So I deal with all of the aftersales here at Flambard Williams. My role is to manage your purchase from the point you reserve an apartment right through to the exchange and completion. I will be here to hold your hand throughout the whole process.

So what are the steps in the process and what advice would I give?

The most important piece of advice I would give is to use a good quality solicitor. Developers expect you to exchange within a 28 day period so it’s crucial that we get a solicitor who can process the sale in that timeframe. From my experience, you get what you pay for. If you use a cheap solicitor, this reflects the quality of service you receive. You can’t ever get hold of them, they rarely answer your questions and are extremely slow.

On the other hand is a good quality solicitor that may cost you slightly more but they will answer all your questions and get back to you efficiently. Importantly, they go through the contracts with a fine tooth comb to protect your interests.

If you are unsure as to what solicitor to use, I can recommend one for you, as after all, I deal with them day in, day out.

The Process

Step 1 – Once we receive the reservation form and ID documents, I will recommend and instruct your solicitor for you. Your solicitor will then issue a ‘Client Care’ document for you to sign and send back in order to get them working on your behalf.
Step 2 – Once we receive the reservation form and ID documents, I can recommend and instruct your solicitor for you. Alternatively, you can let me know your preferred solicitor who I will instruct and then your solicitor will then issue a ‘Client Care’ document. You have to sign and send back that document in order to get them working on your behalf.
Step 3 – Once you receive the contracts, you will read over them, ask any questions you have with your solicitors to make sure you are 100% happy before you sign and send them back.
Step 4 – This is when you will pay your exchange money. This typically ranges anywhere from 10-25% of the purchase price depending on the apartment you are purchasing.
Step 5 – Your solicitor can then proceed to exchanging contracts.
Step 6 – If your apartment is ready now, they will then set a completion date which is typically up to a week later. If the property is off plan and not yet ready, we will then keep you up to date with all the latest construction updates while we wait for the property to be ready.
Step 7 – Once you have completed, I will then put you in touch with our lettings and furniture team. They can take care of the rest and get your property furnished and rented, ready for you to start earning your income.

In regards to this process, we aim to get this all done for you within a strict 28 day timescale, so I will be making sure that your solicitor is working to these timescales to ensure we can make the process as quick and seamless for you as possible.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and anything I can do to help, please let me know.


Property of Choice

Paragon House

Now I am of course not a Property Broker and would not be the one to offer you advice on yields and NET. What I can say though is that this developer has been one of the best to work with in my time at Flambard Williams. They have been very efficient and reliable whenever we have had any kind of correspondence which can only be a good sign.



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