The 2022 Property Market Review | Webinar

Webinar December 2022

In our latest webinar, Managing Director, Chris, will be summarising 2022, and looking forward to what 2023 holds for the UK property market. A Recap: The 2022 Property Market • Our predictions: were they right? • How is the market finishing up? • What to do before the year ends Looking Forward: Investing in 2023 • […]

Has The Mini-Budget BROKEN The Buy-to-Let Market? | Webinar

Our latest webinar delves into how the mini-budget has affected both the UK buy-to-let market and investors globally. Just some of the topics our Managing Director, Chris, covers include: • Are we OVER the Mini-Budget? • Has The Mortgage Market SETTLED? • What does 2023 hold for the property market? • Should I hold off […]

News VS. Reality: What Is REALLY Happening in The UK Property Market? | Webinar

In this webinar, our Managing Director, Chris, covers the latest UK property news, and what the reality of the current market really looks like, including: • Differing Opinions: The Truth • Tax, Legislation and Interest Rate Changes: Will we see a change in mortgage rates long-term? • The Property Market: Crash or Correction? All you […]

Top 10 Fears Successful Investors Overcome | Webinar

In this webinar, our Managing Director, Chris, covers the top fears successful investors have overcome, and many beginners face before investing, including: • The latest market prices and rates – Is there going to be a crash? • How will the cost of living crisis affect rentals? • Do I wait or buy now? • […]

How to Invest During Times of Inflation

How to Invest during Times of Inflation Hindsight is a wonderful thing… When we look at the best investments over the past 30 years we always have that thought in our mind ‘what if I put £X into that’. We then spend the next 5 minutes working out what we would have made and the […]

Is the Buy-to-Let Market About to Crash & Burn

Is the Buy-to-Let Market About to Crash & Burn? The question we have been asked more than any other during this last decade is ‘When will the property market crash’ It is human nature we typically look at the negatives in situations and think the worst. So when investing, we are constantly thinking about putting […]

What an Increase in Interests Rate Means for Me

So as we know inflation has reared its head in recent months. At the start of 2021 inflation was at 0.7%, it ended the year at 5.4% which is a huge jump. However, as with any stats we have to look behind the numbers to work out how we got here. We first have to […]

What to Expect as a First Time Investor

Out of all of the deals, I would say that at least 55% are first-time investors. Now to be honest it is probably something we overlook. When you know the industry you work in like the back of your hand, as an advisor, you can sometimes assume that everyone else does too. However, we know from […]

2021 Overview & 2022 Property Predictions

I want to say a big thank you to the team behind Flambard Williams as there are a lot of cogs that turn here so a big thank you to all the clients and our team members. 2021 So-Called Professionals So let’s have a recap. Well, the reality is it has been a fantastic year […]

UK Property Market – Continue to Rise or About to Burst?!

So this webinar is all about the future of the UK property market and what we expect to happen over the next few months. How is this also going to impact the property market over the next 1-5 years and beyond. So let’s start off with the fundamentals we harp on about regularly for those […]