How it all started

Flambard Williams started in September 2012. We were uniquely placed to advise clients on how to invest in both Essex and London. It was in around 2014 that we spotted a huge divide between the % income between the North and the South. Properties in the North were not only 25% of the price of the South but they were returning double the income.

It was at this point that we started to focus on cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham. The rest as they say is history!!

Over the years we have built up a loyal client base as well as adding large numbers to our client base each year.

We are committed to not only bringing the best products to the market but importantly being able to educate clients along the way.

There have been some bumps in the road such as Brexit and COVID but have maintained throughout that the property market is extremely resilient. In fact, if you look back at our webinars and blogs from around the time of Brexit and COVID we were spot on with our predictions.

Moving forward we have established our Prestige Brand which focuses on HNW clients who are looking for something a little special. Whether it is a property in Dubai, on a golf course, off market or simply a bulk deal from a distressed developer then FW Prestige is for you.

We are also in the process of setting up an overseas office in Dubai and have taken on our very first ambassador, Wilco Nienaber.

My Inspiration

I was asked what is my inspiration, that one is easy, my children.

With 5 of them I have my work cut out, however, I know how important it is for me to be able to do my best by them and give them the best start in life. Having great investments helps me with that.

So where did it all start, well despite the company starting in 2012, my journey with Flambard Williams actually started in 2013. Having had years of experience with selling property over the years both in Europe and the UK, I could see that the market was starting to warm up again after the 2008-2009 dip. I was offered the chance to purchase Flambard Williams and I snapped it up.

I believe the Managing Director is someone who needs to have not only a full understanding of what happens in each department but be able to perform the tasks of each department on some level. I am constantly researching new techniques and technology whether that is to help the consultants, the marketing department, the lettings team or the back office. This I hope will keep driving the company forward and achieve everything we possibly can.

Our Values

A lot has changed since the early days in a 4 person office in Chelmsford to where we are today with over a large office in Canary Wharf but our core values are just the same today as they was then.

My dream for FW

My dream for Flambard Williams is to have numerous offices globally, this will give clients in those local areas peace of mind when dealing with a team they can see with their own eyes.

Importantly, over the next decade I want to build up the lettings department in the cities we primarily deal in and again, expand this to the overseas market too.

The big goal is to be every link in the chain. By this I mean that we want to develop. We find that the biggest issue with the industry is the parts we don’t control. The development side being one of them.

Moving forward we will build up our development arm in order to control the full process which in turn will benefit our clients.